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Protect your home with insurance from forward thinking agents who want to take care of you!


Lampe-Batkin Associates is your reliable source for all insurance needs related to the home. Located in Connecticut and serving clients across the state and in New York, we offer a variety of insurance solutions for individuals and private, high net worth clients.

Homeowners insurance can help protect you against the unthinkable, including the following:


  • If your home is damaged or destroyed by a fire

  • Repairs or replacement costs sustained from covered perils

  • Medical bills of guests injured in your home

  • Reimbursement for theft or vandalism


Our agents work with you to help you understand the complicated nuances of insurance policies. We will determine the insurance requirements for your state or mortgage lender, then prepare a policy that works for you. Other coverage we provide, that comes at an additional cost to traditional homeowners insurance, is earthquake insurance, flood insurance, windstorm insurance, and umbrella insurance.


Don’t leave your valuables unprotected


When buying a new homeowners insurance policy, it’s important to determine how much it would cost to replace your home and all of your belongings should your house be damaged or destroyed. This involves taking inventory of your belongings and talking with your agent about your home’s features.

Don’t forget to include property such as electronics, jewelry, clothing, art, and collectibles in the total value of your holdings. If you and your family are renters, you deserve just as much protection, with a custom renters insurance policy.

The forward thinking agents at Lampe-Batkin Associates offer friendly faces and helping hands, giving you the best policy for your needs and offering you peace of mind that is priceless. Our commitment to our clients is proven through our outstanding customer service, our solid reputation, and our dedication to settling a claim.

Ask about our discounts, including multiple policy, fire resistance, and security system discounts, and be on your way to enjoying an insurance policy you can afford. Call us at 203-302-3880 or fill out a free quote form today!

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